The Chickadees

The Chickadees

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Outreach- Micron Chip Camp and eGirls

Recently, a few member of the Chickadees participated in a couple of outreach events, namely Micron Chip Camp and eGirls. These two camps are both aimed at introducing STEM fields to students so that they may consider pursuing a career in one of the respective areas or to just broaden their knowledge and participate in some really fun activities while doing so. Last Friday, three members of the Chickadees gave a presentation at eGirls. A lot of the girls seemed interested and some even came up to ask us questions about the robot and how to join the team. This was our first experience that involved talking about the team to a large group of people at once, so there were bound to be some errors, but overall it went pretty well. However, all the errors made in the previous presentation were corrected when we went to Micron Chip Camp. Two other teams participated in this as well, Team Tators, and the Bullbots. We began by demonstrating our robots to the kids and they got to ask questions about what the robot did and how it worked. Later, we formally introduced ourselves and together gave a presentation on what our teams are like and the FIRST organization.  Many of the kids seemed truly interested and will hopefully join a FIRST team in the future.  Some especially good news is that many of the girls there seemed like they wanted to join the team and we may be seeing some new faces come Fall. Overall, the outreach events were a tremendous success and we definitely got some kids interested in robotics.
 ~ Sofia 
-The robot being demonstrated at eGirls

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