The Chickadees

The Chickadees

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Update - January 14, 2016

In the past few weeks or so we have done many things in coming along with the initial design of our robot and what the plan for the building and process will be. During the kick off which was on January 9th, we learned and discovered our robots goal for this years games. We will be storming the opposing alliances castle by breaking down their opposing defenses and throwing a ball or "boulder" into one of 5 goals to gain and build points. And since this large gain of knowledge on what our goal as a team will be we have begun to brainstorm and come up with designs for what our robot will have to do. We have also come to the knowledge we will have to be able to obtain and place boulders into the goals or hand them off to another team on our alliances robot for them to score. As a team we have decided to focus more on the defenses rather than the throwing and gathering of boulders though we will still do this. The defenses are chosen from 4 types and 8 different defenses, but only 5 different defenses will be played against us at a time. While one stays the same the audience will have the option to choose one and so will our team and two other teams on our alliance. We will then get to go through the defenses that we have chosen and try to bring down the other alliances castle. 

As a team we are all in a big hurry to begin working on our robot and to start designing it which we will be able to do this Saturday at the next meeting. We will begin to create our robot and bring it to a few small tester defenses a few of our amazing mentors will be building. The design and bumper team have been working exceptionally hard to help bring these ideas that were once hypothetical to life very soon. And our programming team help it be able to move and begin to take on these challenges that will be set in front of us by this years theme. Wish us luck in these oncoming weeks!

- Alex