The Chickadees

The Chickadees

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 7th to 11th

This week for the Chickadees has been about designing a cart for competition as well as finishing up the bumpers and programing the autonomous mode for competition. The cart team has found a cart online to model their general design after but we are going to try to build one of our own. The bumper team is cutting out the fabric to cover the bumpers so we can apply the numbers and the programing team is figuring out everything that we can and need to do for the autonomous mode. Come back soon for next week’s review!

February 28th to March 5th

Now that build season has concluded, things are a little less rushed over here for the Chickadees, but we are getting pumped for our regional competition coming up in less than a month! We have been discussing what competition will be like as well as working hard to finish our bumpers and creating a design for a cart to carry our robot into competition.

We wish the best of luck to all the other teams competing and we are excited to meet more FIRST competitors during the Idaho Regional competition at Taco Bell Arena!